Beartooth Mt Ascent Vocational Skills Training Program

Vocational skills are empirical skills that individuals acquire in a specific area of interest. Vocational skills are more practical than theoretical skills. Individuals learn vocational skills from hands-on experience. At BTMA we expose the young men in our young adult treatment program to a variety of Vocational Skills with the goal of helping them discover their passion for a specific trade skill. We have a saying at BTMA, “you can not expect a person to say no to drugs, alcohol or any other addiction, unless they have something better to say yes to”. We want to help every young man who come to BTMA find that “YES” in his life!

Vocational Skills Training is training for a specific career or trade, such as construction, auto mechanics, small engine repair, welding, carpentry, masonry and veterinary assistants. Vocational training focuses on practical applications of skills learned, and is generally unconcerned with theory or traditional academic skills. A large part of the education in the BTMA vocational skills training is hands-on training.

vocational training for addiction treatment

Vocational Skills Training At BTMA

The Beartooth Mountain Ascent Vocational Skills Training Program is a unique vocational skills training program designed especially for transition age young men, ages 18 to 28, with  addiction, and or co-occurring mental health issues.

Through individual as well as dynamic group activities, this Vocational Skills Training Program programwill provide:

  • Comprehensive vocational assessment and the development of core vocational skills
  • Career exploration and exposure to agricultural career opportunities
  • Training designed to improve job-seeking skills and workplace basic skills
  • Ranch Job shadowing to explore various ranch work-based activities
  • Multiple on-the-job ranch training experiences
  • Social skills building as it pertains to work and work relationships

As college graduates lament the difficult job market, vocational school graduates have a hard time identifying with their problems. Why? Many vocational skills are in high demand, especially among skilled labor such as construction, agriculture, landscaping, auto mechanics, carpenters, animal husbandry and heavy equipment operators. At Beartooth Mountain Ascent We help young men explore many of these vocational skills in order for them to discover their dream job that fits their individual talents and strengths. Here is a list of a few Vocational Training fields that are in high demand:

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects to see rapid growth in the construction sector, an industry that’s poised to add 1.8 million jobs by 2020. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics identifies construction as one of the top industries for wage and salary employment growth, at a rate of 2.9%. Construction workers include electricians, elevator installers, building inspectors, and plumbers, to name a few, and median salaries can be as high as $70,000.
    Students in manufacturing trade schools are in such high demand, they’re often hired even before they graduate. CNN reports that manufacturers are “begging” for more workers trained in advanced manufacturing skills, specifically with training in computer design, machine shop technology, and machine shop math. New hires with higher-level manufacturing skills can earn starting salaries of about $40,000 per year, and often earn up to $65,000 within two years. For some workers, that means earning more with vocational education than they might have earned with a four-year degree, and enjoying a higher demand to boot.
    Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers are among the top occupations with the largest projected employment growth, with a nearly 21% expansion of the workforce expected by 2020. Most truck drivers simply require a high school diploma and short vocational education or on-the-job experience. But even with this low barrier to entry, the pay isn’t bad, with a median annual wage of $37,770.
    Employment of auto service technicians is poised to experience healthy growth, especially for those who have completed formal vocational training programs. The opportunities can be great, and the industry should add about 124,800 new jobs by 2020.
    Pets are a part of many families, and taking great care of these family members means that vet techs are in great demand. By 2020, the vet tech labor force will swell with an incredible growth percentage of 52%. Vet techs can get started with a postsecondary program in veterinary technology that will allow them to become registered, licensed, or certified to practice in their state. Vet techs often earn around $29,000, but high earners can reach up to $44,000 per year.
    Everyone has to eat, and not every meal can be prepared at home. That’s why food service is and continues to be such an in-demand vocational skill. Food service workers, cooks, and chefs all enjoy a healthy job outlook that remains steady or growing. Pay can vary widely depending on experience and the setting, but one thing is for sure: anyone with food service experience and training can almost certainly find a job.

    Vocational Skills Training Program

    Vocational Job Skills Training

At Beartooth Mt Ascent young men discover their God given true potential and are equipped with the work ethic they need to be successful at whatever job, trade school or college they may chose after they leave BTMA. Call us today at (307) 645-3381!
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