Beartooth Mt. Ascents program on importance of relationships within Christian rehabParticipant with family in christian rehab.

At Beartooth Mt. Ascent in our catholic rehab, we help the young men recognize that good relationships share certain characteristics:

  • Trust
  • Openness
  • Mutual respect
  • Acceptance

The young men in our addiction treatment program will learn all the required skills to efficiently communicate in family life, dating relationships, and marriage. These skills are absolutely crucial to maintaining a stable and healthy dynamic.

Young men in our rehab program will develop and practice good relationship skills. By learning how to communicate with our staff, these young men will learn how to evaluate vocal and nonverbal communications that they will be able to utilize in their personal relationships.

Being a young adult can be tough, especially in the 21st century. Adulthood is a time when young men learn how to make decisions about relationships with their friends, family, significant others. What they learn now, about communication, will affect relationships throughout their lifetime. But troubled young men can’t do this by themselves. They need responsible and respectable figures to look toward for guidance, and examples of the proper way to carry on any type of relationship.

At our Christian rehab program, we teach these young men what healthy relationships consist of.program for young men

What is a healthy dating relationship?

  • They increase your energy for the things in your life. Let yourself be inspired instead of
  • Set boundaries and respect in order take care of yourself before and while you’re in the relationship.
  • Self-confidence
  • Friendship should be the basis of a romantic relationship.
  • Support

Making Healthy Relationship Choices

CowboyChurchDon’t ever accept any abuse whether it be verbal, physical, or sexual. If you believe the relationship you are in has an of these characteristics, then you need to remove yourself from it, immediately. Always choose a partner that is caring, loving, supportive, has faith, and is honest in your relationship.

If your son or loved one needs help with addiction, bad behavior, or needs guidance, this is the place for him. We only teach value, communication, and faith in every aspect of their lives. Call us today and see what’s been missing in your loved one’s life all along.