Reality Therapy Is Very Effective For Addiction Treatment & Recovery

Beartooth Mt Ascent, is a place where young men can begin to make changes to better their lives.

Reality therapy is a therapeutic approach that focuses on problem-solving and making better choices in order to achieve specific goals. Developed by Dr. William Glasser, reality therapy is focused on the here and now rather than the past. At BTMA we combine Reality Therapy with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and the Stages Of Change to create a very unique and effective approach to overcoming addictions.

Our Mentors are trained in this approach to working with each young man at BTMA;

Problem solving skills

  • Be friendly and listen to the person.
  • Focus on the present, not the past.
  • Discuss feelings and physiological responses.
  • Accept no excuses for irresponsible behavior.
  • Avoid punishing, criticizing, or attempting to protect the person from the reasonable consequences of behavior.
  • Empower the person to take responsibility for his choices and actions.

Why participate in a Young Adult Addiction Treatment Program that uses Reality Therapy?

Teaching young men responsibility and accountability is the most important concept in Reality Therapy. It is the foundation of this process, and nothing else will be accepted, such as disruptive, or intolerable behavior.

Reality Therapy Addiction Treatment Program for Young Adults

Reality Therapy Drug Addiction Treatment Program

Reality Therapy is aimed at helping the person in trouble gain more effective control over his life. A mentor using these principles of Reality Therapy helps the young man to face reality, be accountable for his words and actions, and problem solve so he can meet his needs in the world.

The young man can also use these new skills to improve his success in school or in the workforce. This process has been proven effective in education, parenting, and leadership. This type of emotional intelligence training lends itself to any situation where people need to learn how to satisfy their needs and solve life’s problems in responsible ways.

Reality Therapy, in our young adult rehab program, is based on the belief that we all choose what we do with our lives, and that we are responsible for the outcome of our choices.

Focusing on young men’s core beliefs, behavior patterns, and choices will help him get the stage of self-realization.

Our mentoring program is beneficial because our staff are trained in this highly effective approach. They become involved with the young adults and help them to examine their current behaviors. The main goal is to improve their future with reality therapy treatment, our faith-based virtue formation exercises, and restoring their core values. An individual who is frustrated, or is frustrating others, is taught to evaluate what he is doing and, from this evaluation, learns to practice more effective (need-satisfying) behaviors.

We have a great program that incorporate reality therapy virtue training, faith, and responsibility back into a young man’s life. If you think your son or loved one, can benefit from this Reality therapy addiction treatment program, then contact us today.