Nature and God-based Treatment for Young Men

Young men on horsebackWe aren’t like other treatment centers. Beartooth Mountain Ascent is a unique experience that is built around connecting young men back with nature and instilling them with the values of God and the American West. We believe that true healing must be a three-pronged approach that helps heal young men physically, mentally, and spiritually. In order to accomplish this, we utilize several programs that help young men improve their bodies, minds, and souls.

1- Vocational Rehab

Oftentimes, the troubling behavior that young men have engaged in has led them to struggle with finding a job. In these instances, these young men frequently don’t have any reliable job skills that make them competitive in the marketplace. Because of this, their esteem starts to take a hit and they devolve back into harmful behavioral patterns. We have a complete vocational rehab program that teaches about a variety of different job skills, including the following:

  • Agriculture
  • Welding
  • Machinery
  • Carpentry
  • Horse Training
  • Animal Husbandry
  • And More!
Learn more about our Vocation Rehab program here!

2- Life Skills Training

For many of the young men we treat, continuous substance abuse, delinquent behavior, and mental illness has stunted their ability to develop normal life skills that are crucial to help people thrive in their day-to-day lives. For this reason, we offer a life skills training program that helps teach young men a variety of important skills that help them better themselves and improve their relationships.

Learn more about our Life Skills Training program here!

3- Addiction Rehab

Many young men that we treat have a history of engaging in a pattern of addiction. Usually, this addiction has been to illicit substances, such as alcohol, meth, marijuana, and other substances. However, we also frequently treat addiction to sex, porn, and video games. Using a variety of different therapeutic techniques, we are able to help young men heal from the physical and mental hold of addiction. Our natural setting is also an ideal environment to establish and peace, calm, and understanding about the responsibility these young men have to themselves.

Learn more about our Addiction Rehab program here!

Get Help, Today!


If you or a young men that you know struggles with behavioral issues, whether those issues stem from substance abuse, a mental disorder, ADD or ADHD, trauma, peer relationships, or academic issues, then don’t hesitate to give our caring team a call, today! We have a tremendous amount of experience in helping young men improve their inner being and turn into the best version of themselves. Please read more about our programs above, and call us if you have any further questions.