The Beartooth MT Ascent Staff

The staff at Beartooth Mt Ascent are all committed to one goal, and that is helping every young man reach his full potential to lead a healthy productive life. Our young adult rehab and transitional life skills program is headed by gifted individuals. Whether a teen is in our care for our drug treatment program, or behavioral therapy, our staff’s main objective is to guide each individual to the right path. Through positive behavior improvement, developing a sound work ethic, character building through “Real Life Therapy” and life-enriching activities. 

Owner/Director – Thomas George

Tom real life therapy

Tom George

  • Master of Arts Degree in Education
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Physiology
  • Certified Marriage Mentor
  • Certified Love and Logic Facilitator on raising kids responsibly
  • Family Life & Christian Moral/Virtue Formation Educator For Over 25 years
  • Served the Catholic Church in a Missionary Society as a lay missionary member for over twenty years.
  • Tom has also served as Director of Formation for families preparing them for service in foreign missions.
  • Tom has been director of a family life apostolate outreach for the Catholic community.
  • Served at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, as a strength coach for the Olympic athletes.
  • Assistant coach at the University of Wyoming in football, basketball, baseball, and track and field.
  • Coached in the areas of boxing, judo, twenty six mile marathon, and lugar.
  • Tom also taught school at St. Joseph School in Beeville, Texas.

Tom is often a featured speaker at youth seminars and retreats. Speaking to young people from a Christian faith base, he talks about character formation, healthy relationships, substance abuse, and abstinence. Tom imparts moral truths in a way that teens can understand and relate to easily. The gift he brings to our Struggling young adult men program is his example as a husband and father and as a man of God. In this way, he is able to give the young men in our Program a powerful example of Christian manhood. Through honest hard ranch work, Tom leads the young men in establishing a work ethic that has helped many of the troubled men discover their true potential. The struggling men on the ranch really look up to Tom and view him as a role model of a man of integrity who truly lives his faith in God.

Co-Director Susan George

susan george

Co-Director Susan

  • Certified Christian Counselor
  • Certified Christian Life Coach
  • PSSP Certified Love and Logic Parenting Instructor
  • Certified Marriage Mentor
  • Family Life & Christian Moral/Virtue Formation Educator For Over 25 years
  • Natural Horsemanship Trainer
  • Home Schooling Mother of Twelve Children

Susan parents raised her and her five siblings on this very ranch, so she know what it means to work hard on a ranch! She grew up with a love and a natural gift in working with horses and imparts this insight into the mind of the horse with the young men.

Like her husband Tom George, Susan is dedicated to living and teaching her Christian-Catholic faith in everything she does. She is a trained Family Life, Abstinence, Breakthrough Parenting, Relationship & Communication skills instructor. Susan is gifted at imparting a deeper understanding and respect for the gift of his personal dignity to each of the young men who come to Beartooth MT Ascent. Susan teaches the Virtue Formation class each week to all of the young men who come to Beartooth MT Ascent. Her maternal and compassionate care for each of the young men in Beartooth Mt Ascent is a comfort to many of their mothers.

Previously Tom and Susan worked for over eight years as lay formators for a religious community. Tom and Susan were responsible for the training of the laity to prepare them to go out into the mission. They were also responsible for the formation of families and the family life apostolate outreach for the religious community. Tom and Susan are also Certified Marriage Mentors and Breakthrough Parenting Instructors, and Love and Logic Parenting Certified Trainers.

Owner-Ranch Manager & Vocational Educator – Mark Schneider

mark schneider


Experienced mountain cowboy, farmer, and business owner/operator.

Mark is truly the vocational “rock” of Beartooth MT Ascent. His experience comes both from the classroom and from the field. Born and raised on the ranch, it is in his blood. From early morning feeding to late nights on a tractor, Mark knows how to work. He has to, as the success of the ranch is on his shoulders, and he humbly carries the load. He quietly and patiently teaches the young men that come to Beartooth MT Ascent how to work, and they see through him that work will make them happy. They learn the value of a job completed, and find that a job is only done when it is done right.

After the ranch type work is completed, Mark might be found coaching the young men in boxing, which he has been doing since the age of eight. He is the proud father of two and devotes himself to his family. Mark’s vocational knowledge reaches beyond the ranch and he is able to teach the young men many more trades. Having owned and operated a successful drywall business, Mark understands construction and the inner workings of a business. Through him, the young men have this knowledge and experience available to them as they make their career choices.

Dustin Brinks

beartooth mt ascent staff

Dustin Brinks

  • Bachelor of Science – Psychology – Black Hills State University 2009
  • Master of Science – Counseling & Human Resources – SDSU 2012
  • Licensed Practicing Counselor Wyoming
  • Coaching Experience – Motivational Interviewing with Goal Setting as an Emphasis
  • Love and Logic Facilitator
  • Years of experience with youth, troubled teens, and young adults.

I have worked with countless individuals who have been indoctrinated into the mental health model; relying heavily on standardized methods and pharmaceuticals. Finding that even our professional methodologies in Post-Modern psychology and counseling are somewhat conflicting with previous theories and assumptions which rely heavily on diagnoses and/or medication. I have personally experienced firsthand the body and mind’s ability to learn and form new neural connections and influence or change our chemical neurotransmission. The mind and body’s ability to change has made me believe in and pursue motivational, experiential, and postmodern theories of behavior change.

Since I am trained to recognize and classify mental health disorders, this environment ensures each participant is able to receive, interpret, and be influenced by our current methodologies for growth and change. If however, a participant needs a higher level of care, Mental Health Counseling, psychological testing, or possibly psychiatric assistance, I am trained to recognize and source out such needs. Our approach at Beartooth Mountain Ascent is similar to Life-Coaching concepts. Our approach works predominantly on goal setting and assisting clients in overcoming the possible experiential obstacles/opportunities between self and reaching personal goals. Predominantly we focus on the “here and now” while assisting clients to form their own personal goal setting techniques, schedules or time and tasks, all the while finding their inner potential and path for success.

Fritz Peterson

Fritz Peterson

  • Bachelors of Arts – Psychology – Western Washington University
  • Chemical Dependency Professional Certification – Skagit Valley College
  • Four years of experience working with at risk adolescents with Job Corps
  • Four years of experience working as a Chemical Dependency Professional in the Substance Use Disorder Field
  • Twenty years of Military Service
  • Twenty years of Fire Fighting/EMS Service

Fritz brings a passion for working with at risk populations and empowering them to strive to reach their own potential. His experiences in the military and fire service help him give direction, and his education and past experiences working with at risk populations help temper that direction with compassion and an unconditional positive regard. His calm demeanor and almost docile, faith based approach to living tends to inspire those he works with to become stronger individuals. Having experienced many personal struggles in his past, Fritz celebrates years in recovery himself, allowing him to relate to many of those who come to Beartooth Mountain Ascent on multiple levels.

Fritz returned to Wyoming (having completed high school in Lyman, WY before entering the military) in 2018 to be closer to family. He enjoys spending quality time with his family and animals. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, riding motorcycles and exploring ATV trails (as well as making some of his own).

Bob Cartwright


Bob Cartwright

Bob Is a talented and driven young man, He came to Beartooth Mt Ascent as a student, and quickly excelled in the program. He took to ranch life like a duck to water! Bob loves riding horses, fixing a fence and using his carpentry skills to improve the ranch. But his real passion is helping the young men who come to BTMA reach their full potential. Bob has a tremendous gift when it comes to helping the young men recognize how their unhealthy choices have impacted their lives, and how they can change their habits through the practice of virtue into healthy ones. Bob is a great example to the young men at BTMA of what hard work, integrity and a strong set of moral values can do to change a person’s life.

Michael George

beartooth mt ascent staff

Michael George

Michael grew up on the George/ Schneider family ranch. I guess you could say ranching is in his blood! Michael is a great mentor to the young men at Beartooth Mt Ascent. He is gifted at training horses and shares his love of horses and ranch work with all the young men. Michael’s Catholic faith is integral to everything that he does as he leads the young men into a deeper spiritual life and a great work ethic.