Why the role of the family is important for our faith-based rehab participants.

Our Christian rehab at Beartooth Mt. Ascent realizes the importance of strong family relationships within theseParticipant with son in faith-based rehab program.
young men’s lives. We want to help them discover themselves, have better communication skills, and see how their family is a strong unit they need in their life.
At Beartooth Mt. Ascent, we help families develop the core strengths that will repair family relationships, and help them become healthy and strong once again.
The key strengths we instill into our young men within our Christian rehab will have a lasting effect in their most valuable relationships.


Spirituality is the guiding force that bonds families together. A shared spiritual Catholic faith provides tools for building good relationships, dealing with difficult situations, and changing circumstances. It is a key element in establishing strong caring families and is the foundation for all family strengths.
Strong families embody their spiritual faith. While at Christian rehab, we have open discussions about how their faith influences their lives for the better. They worship, pray, support each other, and give guidance and hope through spiritual faith.

Participants and families visiting our Christian rehab ranch .

  • Expressions of caring and appreciation
  • Encourage and support
  • Notice and share positive aspects of each otherPay attention
  • Time

All of these attributes create an amazing family dynamic. Make sure you are always making time for one another. Even dinner all together is a big step. Being mindful of communication tactics and paying attention is also key. Always be aware of your family’s accomplishments as well. Everyone needs feedback, and always appreciated positive compliments when they are doing well.


Commitment within a family unit can mean many different things. Families are designed to sustain and support each other during the good and the bad times. It is extremely important to stick with a family member during difficult periods of their lives.

Like, the young men in our program, we believe that addiction of any kind is treatable with hard work, communication, and restoring faith. Having their families by their side makes the process much easier. Our Christian based rehab program is a great tool to restore your family’s dynamic. Contact us today, and see what we can do for your loved ones.

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