The Key To Successful Recovery For young men Is a Strong Therapeutic approach

Built On Experiential Therapy

At Beartooth Mt Ascent we provide many experiential opportunities. Here are a few we chose to spotlight:

  • Equine
  • Horsemanship
  • Experiential Group Therapy
  • Ranch work Activities
  • Our Cow Camp Mountain Experience
  • Animal Husbandry

At BTMA, therapy is not reserved for traditional 9-5 work hours. On our large scale working cattle ranch experiential therapy and experiential learning activities combine for emotionally charged, in-the-moment learning.

We provide the setting for students to take safe risks they have never experienced. It’s an environment where they are required to leave their comfort zones. Helping students face their fears helps them discover their strengths. They see their world, and themselves, with new eyes.

Students are typically less resistive to experiential therapy because it doesn’t feel like therapy. Also, experiential therapy is relationship based; building bonds between the student and his/her therapist, staff, and family. A student’s treatment team includes clinicians, horse professionals, teachers and residential staff.

These activities help students discover new interests to compete with their old behavior patterns. As their confidence grows, so does their determination to overcome their challenges.