Participant on ranch in Catholic rehab program.

The benefits of teaching troubled young adults social communication and life skills.

At Beartooth Mt. Ascent, teaching troubled teens and young adults social and life skills has a significant impact on their success. By bestowing the necessary skills of social interaction and life preparedness, we can help the participants in our Christian rehab program build successful communication skills and manage their emotions. Well-honed social and life skills can assist these young men in navigating personal relationships, as well as professional.

Improving Family Interactions in Christian rehab

Struggling young adults whose parents model healthy communication skills are better able to contribute to family life positively. When these young adults have successful and helpful role models it will begin to show them what proper communication techniques look like.

Our communication skills coaching in our Christian rehab will help young men with the following skills:

  • Assisting our staff in creating effective rules and boundaries for behavior
  • Accepting redirection and criticism,
  • Learning to communicate criticism in a more competent manner so as not to alienate others members of the household
  • Negotiating for privileges or revised rules as appropriate
  • Contributing to the smooth running of a household through timely communication of needs
  • Building awareness and consideration for other members of the household

Cultivating Healthy Peer RelationshipsThe same skills that impact family communication will also affect a young man’s relationships with classmates and friends. Since struggling young adults Young adult participant in Christian rehab. relationships are so reliant upon social cues and behaviors, learning the correct way to correct way to communicate and respond will help them get through any type of tough situation.

Young men who learn social skills will be prepared for:

  • Understanding norms for a variety of social situations
  • Taking turns in conversation and showing appropriate interest in peers
  • Showing respect and appreciation for differences among peers
  • Negotiating potentially harmful situations and resisting peer pressure
  • Responding directly and kindly to criticism
  • Choosing methods for speedy conflict resolution and compromise

Enhancing college classroom performance in our young adult addiction program.

Students who receive life skills training in our Catholic rehab program with thrive in a college classroom. A classroom has its own set of rather complicated social constructs, which can be difficult for some students to grasp.

With specific guidance in this area,our young adults within our addiction rehab will attain success in the following areas:

  • Following instructions or rules
  • Asking for clarification or help as needed,
  • Using appropriate tone, word choice, and vocabulary
  • Managing multiple deadlines or assignments
  • Interacting with peers to attain a collective academic goal
  • Ignoring distractions
  • Cultivating effective anger management strategies
  • Resolving disagreements and conflicts with minimal adult intervention

It is important to teach young adults the social and life skills they need to negotiate through their increasingly more complicated world. At Beartooth Mt. Ascent we have the staff, and the backdrop to do just that. Contact us to see if your son or loved one will be a good fit at your beautiful ranch in Wyoming.