Beartooth Mt. Ascent Frequently Asked Questions About Our Catholic Christian Rehab


1. What is the cost?

Admissions Fee of $2,500
Monthly Program Fee: $5,300 per month. Initial Costs are non-refundable

2. What is included in the monthly tuition cost?

  • Room and Board
  • Weekly one-on-one, and group therapeutic counseling.
  • Daily supervision and program support from Beartooth Mt. Ascent staff.
  • Monitoring of academic and job performance.
  • Virtue-Based Curriculum
  • Access to year-round sports center
  • Introduction to Natural Horsemanship
  • Daily devotionals
  • Individual family life coaching for the participant’s family members

3. What is NOT included?

  • Un-approved phone use charges
  • Individual educational plan related costs
  • Health insurance and medical needs
  • Family members stay at more than one multi-day visit per each 90 days

4. What kind of counseling is available?

Individual counseling is offered for behavioral health and drug/alcohol addiction. Also included are pornography and internet gaming addictions. Sessions are scheduled once a week or as needed.
We also provide guided group therapy up to 5 times a week.

5. Can he finish his high school? What will the rehab program do to help him learn the skills to succeed when he leaves?

If the young man has not completed high school, we will work with him to get the credits he needs to complete his high school education and get his diploma. Parents must cover the cost of his curriculum and credits. All other educational materials that are part of our virtue/character formation and are included in the enrollment costs.

Skills he will learn are:

We offer a wide variety of job skills at our Catholic Rehab Program as well as the relationship skills needed to be successful in the workplace. If the young man completes the recommended programs he should have the work ethic and skills needed to succeed.

6. Can he earn any money?

After completing the initial 120 program a young man can earn $25 a week and up to $75 a week depending on his overall weekly score on his passport to manhood evaluation. He must earn an 8.5 or above on his passport to earn money for that week. If he breaks the rules of the program, he may have part or all of his banked income taken away to make restitution for his actions.
The money he earns will be in the form of a weekly stipend that is “banked” until he is ready to leave the program. Some of his “banked” money can be used for outings such as going to a movie, eating at restaurants, or going skiing. (Note: Students who are on reduced tuition do not get participate in this “earning” program)

7. What are they doing each day in your Catholic rehab program for drugs and addiction?

Learn what we do at the ranch!

Cabin young adults stay at during Catholic rehab in Wyoming. 8. Will the young men be supervised?

They will be under the guidance and direction of an adult staff member, 24/7. They may have moments during work that they are left to work on assigned projects, while the staff member gathers materials etc. but they are never left alone for long periods of time.

9. Where will he be staying?

Rustic frontier cabin style facilities.

10. What is the length of the average stay?

We have a required minimum of 120 days, we have found that 8-12 months stay in our Christian rehab is much more effective and gives longer lasting behavioral changes.

11. Can we make him stay?

We can’t force anything on any of our participants as they are young adults, but we are often effective in encouraging them to stay and work through our addiction program for their own personal benefit and goal achievement. Our very remote location discourages running away, thus the surrounding environment creates a natural boundary that few have tried to go beyond.beartooth-bg2

12. What do you do if a young man comes to your Catholic rehab and then becomes unhappy and wants to leave the program?

We work with him intensively through dialogue, and understanding his feelings. This, in turn, helps him to understand the opportunity being offered to him for a real change in his life.

The parental role in setting clear consequences to their son is vital in making sure he stays to complete the rehab program, such as communicating that you will no longer support him financially if he chooses to leave before completion.

13. How do we get him to go to Christian Rehab at Beartooth Mt. Ascent if he does not desire to?

That is an issue that needs to be worked through by the parents or guardian. We encourage parents to make it very clear that they will no longer support the young man in any way unless he goes through the program and breaks his habits of addiction and problematic behavior. This firm but loving approach is usually very effective in convincing the young man to get the help he needs.