Man in field pondering lifeHelping young men overcome the trials and horrors of addiction and substance abuse.

Our Catholic-based addiction rehabilitation program helps young men between the age of 18-28 develop a strong foundation that is centered on Christian values. At our beautiful Wyoming cattle ranch, we enable these men to battle addiction by teaching them skills and behaviors on our ranch that instill them with a confidence and mindset that heals their bodies, minds, and souls.

Addiction and Young Men

Young men are particularly at risk of addiction. In the case of alcohol abuse, men are twice as likely as women to suffer from it. A large reason for this is the higher statistical probability for men to engage in risky behavior, which then puts their life in an existential crisis, as substance abuse begins to take over their life. Our program forces young men to examine and face these unhealthy lifestyle choices, so that they can make a change.

The young men we heal struggle with a variety of different addictions.

  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Tobacco Abuse
  • Marijuana Abuse
  • Opioid Abuse
  • Meth Abuse
  • Porn and Sex Addiction
  • And Many More…

Our Program Model

Our program takes a unique approach to fighting addiction through a group of services that add up to a behavioral-focused treatment. Here are the services that we offer within our program model.

  • Job and Life Skills Training: A major aspect of our program is how we help young men learn life skills that teach responsibility and independence. Our “Cowboy Culture” ranch has opportunities to learn about agriculture, carpentry, welding, machinery, and animal husbandry.
  • Experiential Therapy: Experiential therapy is so effective with young men because it doesn’t feel like therapy. Putting these young men in-the-moment in a natural setting gives them room to grow and adapt their behavior.
  • Family Therapy: The importance of family in the recovery process cannot be understated. Our program makes room for these young men and their families to interact in a therapy environment where they can communicate honestly and openly.
  • Equine Therapy: As per our “Cowboy Culture,” young men in our program are given the opportunity to communicate with and take care of horses. Equine therapy is a powerful way to learn responsibility and establish a respect for life.


Catholic Foundation for Treatment

We believe that addiction, at its core, is as much of a spiritual problem as it is a mental and physical issue. For this reason, we emphasize the Catholic underpinning of our organization and cite it as a reason why we are able to help so many young men reclaim control of their lives. Our natural, mountain environment helps bring our students closer to God and re-position their outlook to see what really matters.

What Makes Our Ranch So Effective

Beartooth Mt. Ascent is located on a large-scale working cattle ranch. Instead of fighting addiction in a place that feels like a hospital, our students are given an environment where they can learn real, tangible skills, in addition to their therapy. Here are some of the advantages that we have at our ranch:

  • Large, Natural Environment: Our cattle ranch is 50,000-acre large, and is equipped with large equine areas, roping corrals, welding and mechanic shops, cattle, and a fitness center and boxing ring.
  • Highly Trained Life Coaches: Our life coaches are trained specifically to help young men identify behavioral problems in their life that led them down the path to addiction, and show them ways to overcome them.
  • Faith-based Counselors: Our staff includes certified Christian counselors that are trained in teaching the importance of a family lifestyle and virtue formation.


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If a young man in your life has lost his way and suffers from substance abuse, then don’t hesitate to find them help. Addiction only tends to spiral and worsen, over time. Give our caring and supportive team a call today to learn more!