What makes us different from other Young Adult Transitional Living programs?

Beartooth MT Ascent is a personal and relational experience. It is genuine, real, authentic, and peaceful, where a young man has the opportunity to unfold his heart and mind as he discovers who he really is, in the midst of the incredible beauty of Gods creation. Beartooth MT Ascent offers a totally unique transitional vocation training program in a holistic, safe, and positive environment. Young men are able to actualize successes utilizing our experiential therapy program while avoiding the cold, sterile environment found in clinical or institutional settings.

Beartooth MT Ascent cannot be duplicated because we combine these critical elements:

  • Vocational Job Skills Training
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)
  • Positive Virtue/Character Formation
  • Body ,Mind & Spirit wellness
  • Relationships and communication skills training
  • Comprehensive Life Planning and Life Coaching

We have a saying at Beartooth Mt Ascent, “You can Not expect someone to say no to drugs, alcohol, porn, or video games unless they have something better to say YES to!” Substance abuse and porn/video game addictions creates damage and changes to the reward center of the brain, which alters a person’s ability to make positive choices and they become stuck in a self destructive rut. Our program is designed to create new Neurological pathways that can aid in an “override” of the negative pathways created by bad habits. We strive to help the young man understand why and how these unhealthy patterns occurred and what to do about it.

We start with the Gift nature and the Gift of work. Working with the hands has a healing effect on the brain. When a person learns to do something new, for example, work with a horse and learn to speak the horse’s language, new neurological pathways are created in the brain. This helps break the person out of the “ruts” in their mind, the negative thought patterns that keep them trapped in the lies they believe and live out. Our Goal is to help the young man experience the truth about who he is and learn this reality “the Truth will set you free.”

Since the addictions begin with your choices, it is essential to learn the skills necessary to make different choices once the damage is repaired. People learn through experience how to handle their lives and confront the problems they face in all situations. To understand that addiction is a dependency of choice is not to say that a drug or alcohol abuser properly weighed the pros and cons and made an objective decision to be an addict or alcoholic. The truth is, people, learn behaviors that make them feel comfortable and choose to use those behaviors because they are easy and familiar.

Drugs and alcohol create an artificial sense of normalcy and functionality that is perceived as positive and essential. When someone begins to recognize this and incorporates substance use or video gaming/porn into their everyday life as a coping tool or to feel “normal”, the cycle of dependency begins.

Once your body and mind are on their way to a restored state, we can begin the work of helping you to transform your life. People normally learn to cope with problems and social situations in a way that creates positive outcomes. This process happens in a non-clinical setting, through a naturally healthy way of life while living and working on the ranch at Beartooth MT Ascent.